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Takashi Murakami Revives Britney Spears in Naughty Manga Cover

26 Aug

Britney Spears, everyone’s favorite crazy-ass head-shaving, manic depressive, de-throned teen pop superstar, covers this month’s issue of Pop Magazine, art directed by Japanese mastermind Takashi Murakami. The images feature the 28 year-old mom in milky, ethereal light and waxy expressions reminiscent of her naughty schoolgirl past looks. Murakami’s signature — cartoonish smiling daisies — also make appearances alongside Japanese photo booth graphics, lending even more Manga-like youthfulness to the star’s spread.

Via Pop Magazine.


Catwoman Nabbed in Gotham

26 Aug

Remember the broad that was going around robbing high-end boutiques this summer disguised in a cat mask? The NYPD finally caught up with the real-life Catwoman last night in SoHo after she attempted to stick-up a Greene Street boutique.

Shana Spalding, aka "Purgatory", lead singer of Divine Infamy. Photos from myspace.

The cleverly-disguised robber was identified as 28 year-old Queens resident Shanna Spalding, frontwoman of death metal band Divine Infamy under her pseudonym Purgatory. The feline death metal queen was wanted for several heists around Manhattan and Queens, and was charged with two Manhattan robberies, including the one last night, and is a suspect in others.

Via New York Post.

Tokidoki Takeover!

25 Aug

Japanese-inspired Italian brand Tokidoki has unveiled to HighSnobette that it will be relaunching their bag line, as well as releasing a cosmetics gift box set in collaboration with Sephora for the holidays later on in 2010. I’m literally almost too excited to compose myself and write this after peeping the images.

The bag line will feature two darkishly cute themes; “Bite Me,” inspired by vampires, and “The Robbery,” featuring the classic Tokidoki chick decked out in cat burglar gear. The highly-stylized brand’s collaboration with Sephora is also called “The Robbery” and features the same cat burglar artwork. Both lines were previewed by HighSnobette at the Magic trade show in Las Vegas.

Check out more images courtesy HighSnobette after the jump…

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Latina Crowned as Miss Universe 2010

25 Aug

Twenty-two year old Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, was crowned Miss Universe on Monday after beating out 82 global contestants, including runner-up Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips. Congratulations!

Via Gawker

Around the World with Jasmine Solano

25 Aug

Wondering what’s up with Jasmine Solano these days? Check out her adventures, interviews, pictures, and more at her blog!

Atlanta DEA Can’t Understand Black People, Seeks Translators

25 Aug

According to the Smoking Gun, the Atlanta field division of the Drug Enforcement Administration has put in a personnel request listing over 100 languages for which it needs fluent “linguists,” including Ebonics. Basically, the request states that the Justice Department needs nine people to translate wiretaps and bugged conversations of Black people that they can’t understand. Sheesh, Atlanta! Just hire that jive-talkin’ grandma from Airplaine!

Don’t believe it? Peep the request:

Naturally, the Smoking Gun turned to Stanford University professor of linguistics, John R. Rickford, who describes Ebonics as a “nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans,” or as “Black English.” Professor Rickford even gives readers some hot tips on communicating with those rare and exotic creatures we call Black people:

“Ebonics pronunciation includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’), the pronunciation of the th in ‘bath’ as t (bat) or f (baf), and the pronunciation of the vowel in words like ‘my’ and ‘ride’ as a long ah (mah, rahd).”

Sheer brilliance, Professor!

Via The Smoking Gun and Gawker

Ford Modeling Agency Racially Reinvents Itself

25 Aug

Ford Modeling Agency, once venerated for its roster of “classically beautiful” (read: Eurocentric) models, has finally opened its mind and is now working to diversify its roster. Paul Rowland, creator and owner of Women and Supreme Management, has been hired by the famous agency to take-on this endeavor; “My vision is very different from Eileen Ford’s,” he said in this week’s issue of T Magazine.

Along with his vision of bringing “global beauty” to the agency, Rowland is bringing with him several of his top chicks. Tao Okamoto, Rose Cordero, and Hanne Gabby Oidele have been added to Ford’s preexisting model roster, which already included Carmen Dell’Orefice, China Machado, and Crystal Renn.

Rowland has made even bolder moves opening a scouting office in North Africa. “I’m just obsessed with finding these amazing creatures in all these exotic countries. I want to find girls in Egypt or Sri Lanka or India — all the places where people don’t look.”

Via T Magazine and The Cut.