Rihanna Inks New Neck Tattoo, Possibly Makes Permanent Grammatical Mistake

13 Aug

Earlier this week pop princess Rihanna hit up East Side Ink, one of New York’s most esteemed tattoo shops, leaving with a freshly gunned neck tattoo reading “Rebelle Fleur.” Translating roughly to “Rebel Flower,” the star reportedly decided on this French phrase after experimenting with a temporary version.

Media and the blogosphere are buzzing about the symbolism of Rihanna’s latest tattoo – and whether or not it could be associated with her outlook after recovering from being disgustingly manhandled by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. But more public debate has arisen from the grammatical accuracy of the phrase itself.

Francophones and Francophiles alike are disputing whether “Rebelle Fleur” actually translates to “Rebel Flower,” or if in its context may actually translate to “Flower Rebel.”

Whatever the actual translation, there’s no debate on how well the elegantly scrolled script fits with her existing collection of tattoos.

Make no mistake – Rihanna, who is a fresh 22 years old, is a living example of the importance of researching anything you might be stuck with for the rest of your life – and that goes for potentially abusive scumbag boyfriends.


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