Home Wreckers Anonymous: Alicia Keys vs. Fantasia

17 Aug

If you’ve been reading gossip headlines in the past week or so, you’ve no doubt come across the web of drama former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino has entangled herself in. The media has lambasted the reality star after she was named in a divorce suit involving allegations of a sex tape she starred in with her then-married boyfriend. The dramz took a horrific turn last week when she was hospitalized for attempting suicide by overdose.

On the flipside of this scenario is Alicia Keys. Like Fantasia, Keys also had an affair with another woman’s husband – Swizz Beats – only Keys not only slept with him while married but also became pregnant. And unlike Fantasia, Keys got her man in the blink of an eye after Swizz Beats promptly divorced his ex and married the now-preggo Keys.

An article posted on The Root and linked to by Racialicious earlier this week attempts to untangle this conundrum. Why would Fantasia be raked over hot coals while Alecia Keys gets a “pass” and maintains a flawless image? And what does this say about how we perceive women – particularly urban women of color – and their sexuality?

Could it be that Alecia Keys’ career is seen as more credible, as the “city girl who made it big” by more traditional means? Or is it just easier for the media to go after “the poor, downtrodden black girl singing her way out of the hood” – or in Fantasia’s case, the country?

In any case, neither woman is in the right for getting down with a married man. I just wish the media had a better way to address this fairly.


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