Erykah Badu’s Fine Ass — Err — Ass Fine

19 Aug

This past Tuesday, Dallas city officials confirmed that Erykah Badu would be fined $500 and placed on a six-month probation for stripping nude publicly during the filming of her video “Window Seat” in March.

“Window Seat,” which debuted on March 28, features Badu peeling-away layers of clothes as she walks through Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The video ends on a dramatic note as she falls to the ground – completely naked – where President Kennedy was assassinated. The visual artist and singer said in a statement that the video was shot “guerilla style” in one take and without a crew.

Shortly after the release of her video, Badu reached a plea deal to settle a misdemeanor disorderly conduct citation issued after she released a music video, says Dallas spokesperson Jose Torres. Under the plea agreement, the offense will be erased from Badu’s criminal record if she successfully completes the 180 days probation.

Umm, have you seen this woman nude? She looks damn good for being nearly 40. I say the citizens of Dallas should be paying her $500 for that ass. Don’t believe me? Watch the video here. Oh, and the song is fucking brilliant, too.

Via CNN.


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