Leah McSweeney Addresses Rumors Surrounding Married to the MOB

19 Aug

Leah McSweeney, founder and CEO of New York City women’s streetwear line Married to the MOB, has posted an exclusive statement on the company’s blog addressing “rumors flying around Vegas about MOB.”

The statement, which comes shortly after M.O.B.’s sixth anniversary sample sale at Alife, focuses on the brand’s commercial strength and presence at the Magic trade show in Las Vegas.

“MOB is not at Magic because my partners and I came to an executive decision that plain and simple it just wasn’t worth the money or hassle and I would rather put my energy into other things MOB then prepping for a 1 day show,” she said in the open letter. “MOB is still funded by Samsung. I am still partners with the Weisfelds. And MOB is still very much in production and up and running. If it wasn’t I’d be on an island taking a much needed break.”

McSweeney, who began the popular streetwear line in 2004 after winning a $75,000 lawsuit against the NYPD, also discusses how proud she is of MOB’s success and the stresses that come with her achievements.

“When I started Married to the Mob I was a 22 year old delinquent with all the odds against her…Are the egos, small talk and overly self important attitudes enough to make me want to move to a farm in Indiana and say peace out bitches? Sometimes. But I’m not going anywhere and neither is MOB.”

Read Leah McSweeney’s full statement here.


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