Best of September

20 Aug

It’s getting to be late August, and you know what that means: Shorter days, longer sleeves, and a whole slew of September issues to sift through for the new fall hotness.

Peep the breakdown of September’s heavy hitters after the jump!


Cover Girl: Halle Berry, sporting a superfly flapper-inspired bob

Editorial Steez: Ageless metropolitan sophisticate, as always

Harper’s Bazaar

Cover Girl: Jennifer Aniston, channeling Barbara Streisand in pretty frosty makeup but unfortunately looking like her usual sourpuss self

Editorial Steez: JAP


Cover Girl: Julia Roberts in loose curls and a body-hugging floral dress

Editorial Steez: Restrained Ivy League alumna who marries the banker but fucks the filthy downtown hipster

Marie Claire

Cover Girl: Mary-Kate Olson looking ghostly and washed-out. Not a good look.

Editorial Steez: Earthy, hippie-type with secret credit card debt


Cover Girl: Jennifer Lopez looking va-va-va-voom in leopard print

Editorial Steez: Jersey girl


Cover Girl: Kim Kardashian, practically falling out of a corset top

Editorial Steez: Slutty publicist


Cover Girl: Hillary Swank with dewy, glowing skin and beachy blond highlights

Editorial Steez: Upper East Side Stroller-Pusher


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