Alligator Amok in Queens!

24 Aug

An alligator (that’s right, a fucking alligator!) was on the loose this past Sunday, terrorizing local Queens residents and wreaking all kinds of havoc. Freakish urban legends are coming to life, New York.

Okay, not really. The poor creature, a baby only measuring about two-feet long, was found “cowering under a Datsun”  sometime around 3 pm on Newton Avenue in Astoria, reports the New York Daily News. An emergency Animal Control unit successfully captured the little guy and quickly took him to the nearest precinct for care.

What’s more bizarre about this story is the reptile’s mysterious origins. According to NYPD spokesperson James Duffy, no city officials can confirm whether or not it came from the sewer, or where it came from at all.

Maybe it was coming back to avenge all its ancestors that were slaughtered to become hideous accessories. Watch your ankles, New York!


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