Ford Modeling Agency Racially Reinvents Itself

25 Aug

Ford Modeling Agency, once venerated for its roster of “classically beautiful” (read: Eurocentric) models, has finally opened its mind and is now working to diversify its roster. Paul Rowland, creator and owner of Women and Supreme Management, has been hired by the famous agency to take-on this endeavor; “My vision is very different from Eileen Ford’s,” he said in this week’s issue of T Magazine.

Along with his vision of bringing “global beauty” to the agency, Rowland is bringing with him several of his top chicks. Tao Okamoto, Rose Cordero, and Hanne Gabby Oidele have been added to Ford’s preexisting model roster, which already included Carmen Dell’Orefice, China Machado, and Crystal Renn.

Rowland has made even bolder moves opening a scouting office in North Africa. “I’m just obsessed with finding these amazing creatures in all these exotic countries. I want to find girls in Egypt or Sri Lanka or India — all the places where people don’t look.”

Via T Magazine and The Cut.


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