Smelling Bizarre: Halloween vs. Sewing Machines

6 Oct

Is smelling like weird shit a new “thing”? Coming in on the heels of yesterday’s post on Byredo’s new unisex tattoo ink-inspired fragrance, M/MINK, is Penhaligon‘s new tailor shop-inspired scent for men, Sartorial, along with niche perfumery the Moribid the Merrier‘s new line of scents for Halloween.

Sartorial, the obviously higher-end choice of strange fragrances here, was reportedly inspired by the interior of famed Savile Row tailor’s shop Norton & Sons. Classy! The men’s cologne is said to “evoke the masculine scent of sewing machines, needles, wool, and cloth” with its metallic-y notes of masculinity.

Or if you’re a Halloween fanatic and simply cannot wait for the 31st, then the Morbid the Merrier‘s spooky new fragrances are for you. The limited edition line is available only on Etsy and include scents inspired by Washington Irving classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rosemary’s Baby, and Lizzie Borden.

Source: BellaSugar.


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