Gil Scott-Heron Sends a Bitter Message to New York with New Video

13 Oct

Legendary musician, poet, and author Gil Scot-Heron delivered a bitter, gritty message to New York City at the Museum of Modern Art last week with the premiere of his newest video collaboration with director Chris Cunningham, “New York is Killing Me.”

Expect to find no glamor and glitz in big city lights — absolutely every popular characterization of New York is smashed against Scott-Heron’s bleak picture of New York: a destitute, cold, brutal place. Here is a cold New York anthem that truly rivals all that we’ve seen before in love letters to the City; Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and it’s recent heir Jay-Z-Alicia Keys collaboration, “Empire State of Mind.”

The “Revolution Will Not Be Televised”author’s most recent work has stirred hip-hop in turn, inspiring “New York is Killing Me” remixes from the likes of Nas and Mos Def who also have their own unsettling realistic portrayals of New York to deliver.

I unfortunately can’t embed the video here, so click here to watch it at MoMA’s site.

Source: Colorlines.


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