Harper’s Bazaar Inks Brutally Honest Portrayal of Amy Winehouse

16 Oct

When I first heard that Amy Winehouse was collaborating with Fred Perry for the fall 2010 season, I knew it meant she’d have much more media exposure and publicity. That’s not a bad thing per se, but knowing her characteristic madcap, substance abuse-driven antics, things could quickly unfurl into trainwreck status. The usually upbeat Harper’s Bazaar recently published one such darker image of the troubled 26 year-old singer in their November issue, alongside interviews with Michelle Obama and Christina Hendricks.

A few highlights of the profile document Wino “gulping down a big glass of wine” in preparation for a photo shoot previewing her Fred Perry designs shot by fellow musician Bryan Adams, and within 45 minutes makes a transformation to being “physically unstable, wobbly in high block heels.” This is followed by a string of incoherences, including constant confusion. Describing Winehouse’s disposition, reporter Polly Vernon writes, “is just not … present. She is distracted and vague. My most straightforward questions confuse her.”

This is particularly disappointing in light of Winehouse’s recent media exposure, speaking frankly on her personal battles with substance abuse. Obviously the multi-talented Amy Winehouse hasn’t harnessed all of her addictions, despite her debut as a clean artist, touting her “three years of sobriety” from drugs in Glamour UK‘s latest issue.

Read the full profile at Haper’s Bazaar.

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