‘A Tartan Tale’: MAC Cosmetics Releases Holiday Collection

1 Nov

As the holiday shopping season draws near, a wealth of new collections and gift sets come flying into stores, some disappointing, some not-so-disappointing. Cosmetics brand MAC is no exception with their new Holiday 2010 collection, “A Tartan Tale.” And this one is so full and rich, add it to the “not-so-disappointing” column.

The tartan theme packaging channels “posh, punk, ancestral” plaid-lovers Alexander McQueen, the Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood, and Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

The yuletide Holiday Colour Collection features new colors for eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails, embodied in seven new face palette looks trademark to MAC. MAC’s characteristic limited-edition kits are also included in Chapter 1: Lip, Eye, and Face Kits, as well as the bagpipe-inspired Chapter 1: Lip, Eye, and Brush Bags. Two new exclusives, “My Scottish Fling” and “MAC Glamorous Mineralize Kit,” capture the perfect colors for a flawless wintertime glow in mineral makeup formulas.

What’s more, MAC has also teamed-up with Kids Helping Kids, a nonprofit offering mentorship to underprivileged children, with an exclusive “Sir Teddy” stuffed animal and t-shirt.

Check-out the full collection on MAC’s official website.



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