Confirmed: Kim Kardashian in Braids On-Set With Kanye

1 Jan

Yesterday the Internets were going nuts over Kim Kardashian’s vacation braids and speculation on whether they might have something to do with the video she’s rumored to be shooting with Kanye West. All speculation stops today with and People Magazine both confirming those cornrows and braids will indeed be featured in a Kardashian x Kanye video in the works.

The first photos of the shoot have been released this morning, featuring the reality-turned-pop starlette in frosty makeup, white fur, and the now infamous braids, as well as another where Kardashian appears in oversized shades, a red-tipped wig, and matching lips. 

Don’t expect Kim K to be making a cameo in Kanye’s video — Kardashian is currently shooting her first music video for her own single from her debut album, with the help of West. Hype Williams, who has collaborated with stars including Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, and Kanye West himself, is said to be directing Kardashian’s video.

A source close to Kardashian told People, “She’s having so much fun. The music is upbeat and fun dance music.”

The TV star is currently working on a full-length album produced by The Dream.


Source:, People Magazine


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