NorBlack NorWhite

4 Jan

Pavitra Mohan of South Asian design blog, Masala Chai, tipped me off this morning to NorBlack NorWhite, a small, Bombay-based, two-person design house falling into a “grey space of part anthropology, part art, part fashion.”

Begun in Toronto by friends Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya, NorBlack NorWhite quickly transformed from “homemade fashion shoots, to shows, pop up sales, and styling their artist friends” to an incredible journey in design exploring India through its textiles and art.

Each one of NorBlack NorWhite’s collections explores a region of India, including its stories, people, and ancient practices. This coming Spring’s collection was inspired by the Kutch region of Gujarat, focusing on bandhani (tie-dye practices) as the heart of this season and highlighting the beauty in “applique and embroidery created by the Rabari women of Kutch.”

These girls are supremely talented. Take a look at some of NorBlack NorWhite’s designs here…


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