“Falling Whistles” Blow the Whistle for Peace in Congo

7 Jan

Ciara, Beyoncé, and Rihanna have all been spotted recently wearing “Falling Whistle” pendants around their necks — pewter, silver, and gold old-fashioned whistles created by nonprofit organization Falling Whistles to support aiding children of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The necklace seems a simple enough accessory, but carries a powerful message symbolizing the whistles given to Congolese boys too young to carry guns, forced onto the frontlines with only whistles to alert their camp of approaching enemies. These children are often the first casualties of battle, serving as a human shield for the first round of bullets.

Originally begun by Sean Carasso after visiting the war-torn nation, Falling Whistles served as a mouthpiece for the victims of Congo’s war, raising awareness of the atrocities by publishing a journal written about child-soldiers forced into battle. The organization began producing the whistle pendants in 2009.

Falling Whistles pendants range in price from $34 to $104 and uses 100% of the proceeds towards restoring the lives of war-affected kids through rehabilitation programs and stateside advocacy. The necklaces can be purchased here, along with ways you can help support the movement to bring peace to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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