MAC Cosmetics Announces Spring Wonder Woman Collection

14 Jan

No girl ever outgrows Wonder Woman. Call me a nerd, but something about the empowering mythos surrounding this Amazon became so deeply engrained in my childhood psyche that it carried over into my adult-self. That being said, you can imagine my delight when I heard about MAC’s upcoming Wonder Woman collection for spring 2011.

Inspired by the superheroin herself, everything in the collection is super-sized including jumbo Lipglasses, large blush duos, and a metallic utility belt. “Since Wonder Woman has this amazing strength, we decided that the products in the collection should be larger than anything we do; from the size of the compacts to the jumbo blush,” says MAC’s creative director James Gager.

Designed around the era that took the comics to live-action with superbabe Lynda Carter, the packaging has a super-70s look and feel. The cosmetics themselves bring to mind an early-70’s look, featuring nude contoured face with hints of Pop-Art color a la Wonder Woman’s classic primary pallatte of fire engine red, mustard yellow, and royal blue. Eye shadows feature hues of iridescent white, pink and bright silver shades, dark forest green, olive-bronze, and lime with a yellow frost. Mascaras also come in shades of purple, green, and blue in addition to black, and nail polishes are available in bright red and navy.

Instead of finding a flesh-and-bone “face” of the collection, MAC opted for an illustrated one to pay homage to the comic book heroin. MAC will be opening up a pop-up shop in Soho at 109 Prince Street from February 3 through mid-April to commemorate the launch of the collection.

Scarcely 2011 and MAC is already killing it this year with its enormous multitude of collections. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will look like with MAC!


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